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Generic Repository Framework (Generic Unit of Work)
Generic complex .NET repository solution for any repository types allowing for different repositories (EF/ADO/etc) at ones.

I my work I have encounter the problem with access to different repository types in the same application. The problem concerns ADO.NET and EF. The solution I have been looking for should allow me in the future to easy extend existing functionality, maintain existing one. I also wanted to be able to validate data before storing data into database. I want to share with you my investigations and conclusions.
I have sped some time trying to resolve problem with different unit of works attached to any defined frameworks that will be in use. I could not find general approach that will have persistent ignorance. I am also strongly focused on TDD and easy making solution testable. General I don't want to think what will be the repository (ADO, EF or WebService).
I will present the solution on Portal project. Portal allows to do some actions on it but we will focus only on portal user and its contact info. Creating Portal I have tried to follow SOLID principals.

Check out article on CodeProject

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